STAHL Crane Kits

CraneKits offer crane builders around the world the possibility to execute orders economically with manageable planning costs. Customer service, planning, construction of the system as well as service and the provision of spare parts are carried out by competent local crane builders. The intuitive, structured planning software with continuously updated database enables easy configuration of the crane system.
STAHL CraneSystems manufactures the hoists, components and other equipment to a high standard of quality and tests the modules for hoisting, travel and control technology exhaustively. The CraneKit is pre-assembled and delivered with all necessary documentation and assembly instructions.

If wanted, the components of the CraneKit are also available in explosion-proof design for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 or Zone 22.


  • For suspension cranes, single girder and double girder overhead travelling cranes
  • Easy planning and ordering with the help of the CraneGuide software
  • Intuitive, structured software
  • Up-to-date database
  • Plug and play: pre-assembled cables as far as technically possible
  • All connections are labelled clearly
  • Optional support by engineering team or factory service centre
  • Optionally available in explosion-proof design according to ATEX or IECEx

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